Sit or Squat Dot Com zoomed out view.

Welcome to 2009: the year of utility and transparency, even when using the restroom.

In September of 2008, Anika Landers and Jonathan Gianz launched, a site that locates restrooms and then lets users rank the facility squat worthy or sit worthy – or neither! It’s powered by Google maps and you.

With the inauguration only weeks away, what could be a better tool than a map of the restrooms in the District?!

The tool also has a mobile version with plenty of features to help you fix your restroom problem. If you text dotcom (368266) with the word “sitorsquat” you’ll be prompted to enter your address, which will trigger a search for restrooms located near you. I haven’t tried this feature out yet, but am assuming that you can use your current location instead of entering an address.

The mobile version even includes a shake to go feature if you’re not a great decision maker.

Some Notes For Landers and Gianz

The tool is promising but not bug proof.

I added a restroom at the intersection of Rock Creek Parkway and Rock Creek Drive. It’s a great find when you’re running the loop from Georgetown to the Memorial Bridge and back.

Although I did successfully add a restroom, I could not rate it because you have to be registered to rate a restroom. Registration requires completing a form with a few simple fields, which was not a huge time suck. However, when I tried to type the verification code, I was unsuccessful six plus times before giving up on rating the horrible porta potty near the Lincoln Memorial.

Also, when updating the site with restrooms in nontraditional spaces, such as a park, the user should be able to add the restroom using lat/long coordinates. Adding this functionality would increase the accuracy of the location, which would surely be beneficial to the hundreds of thousands of people running around D.C. on January 20.