It is the Life in the…Winemaker

As I was cleaning out my phone this evening, I ran across this snapshot from a few months ago. It was taken at Marterella Winery on the outskirts of Warrenton, in the heart of Virginia horse & wine country.

This sign hanging above a door well in the tasting room couldn’t have captured the vibe of the place any better. The owner behind the counter radiated with life and love.

That place, that sign, that memory keeps me moving forward today. I can’t wait to go back.




Vineyard vs. Winery

Fox Meadow

This weekend, as I continued my trek through the wilderness, I was engaged in a conversation by an interesting gentleman over a glass of Northpoint Red. During the conversation, I clumsily confused wineries and vineyards.

So, for those of you that haven’t yet had the opportunity to conversate with a fine Italian over a full-bodied glass of wine, here’s your saving grace.

What is the difference between a vineyard and a winery? Simple. A vineyard is an area of land used to grow grapes; a winery is where the wine is produced. This could be a building or a business.

Vineyard: (
1. Ground planted with cultivated grapevines.
2. A sphere of spiritual, mental, or physical endeavor.

Winery: (
1. An establishment at which wine is made.